Travelling Squares
Mainstream Square Dance Club.
West Coast Square Dancing

Square dance lessons are held on Wednesday evenings at St.
Philip by-the-Sea Anglican Church, 7113 Lantzville Road from 7-
8:30 pm. We have joined forces with the Amalgameighters , another
local club to provide lessons again this season. Instructors are
Ray Schmidt and Wendie Harrington. We are really enjoying
working together to start our new dancers on their path to

We have a new set of lessons beginning on January 9, 2019.
After ten lessons you will be able to dance at club dances
advertised as West Coast Level. After Christmas, we carry on to
complete the Mainstream level and you will be able to find a
dance to attend every week!!

Come on out and have fun with us. Square dancing is an active,
enjoyable social activity that is sure to please. No special clothing or foot wear is required. Just wear comfortable casual clothing.

If you would like more information about lessons contact Wendie